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Application for the Master Statistics and Data Science

Master Statistics and Data Science

The application for the Master Statistics and Data Science program is possible via the following links (portal opens on May 1st for Winter Semester/November 1st for Summer Semester):

The application deadline is July 15th for the following winter semester, January 15th for the following summer semester. The application portal will be activated as of May 1st or November 1st, resp. Applicants who neither have German citizenship nor are considered as "Bildungsinländer" must additionally submit an application for admission to studies to the LMU International Office, deadline for which is also July 15th or January 15th, resp. Acceptance from the international office does not imply acceptance to the program. You still need to wait for the assessment from the institute after the admission deadline.

Eligibility Process Statistics and Data Science

This is a non-binding outline. Only valid is the text of the „Satzung über das Eignungsverfahren für den Masterstudiengang Statistics and Data Science an der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München“.

Basic requirements

  • Bachelor's degree (180 ECTS) in Statistics or Data Science as a major, minor, or focus.
  • At least 150 ECTS (equal to 5 semesters) must be proven, final degree can be submitted later.
  • English proficiency B2 (or English degree).
  • German knowledge A1 (or German school or university degree), can be submitted later during the first year of studies.
  • Application via online form until July 15 (winter semester) or January 15 (summer semester).

Selection Process

  • Pre-selection by point allocation in four areas (grade and three areas for special knowledge).
  • Courses can also be credited partially, also applies e.g. to theses, seminars, practical work.
  • Applicants without the necessary prerequisites can (for example) apply for the Bachelor Statistics and Data Science to acquire missing knowledge.
  • You will receive feedback usually within two weeks from the application deadline

Methods of statistical learning and modeling

From 18 ECTS points 6 points
9-17 ECTS points 3 points
Less than 9 ECTS points 0 points

e.g. statistical inference, linear and generalized, machine learning

Mathematische Grundlagen der Statistik

From 18 ECTS points 5 points
9-17 ECTS points 3 points
Less than 9 ECTS points 0 points

e.g. probability theory, calculus of matrices, analysis, numerics

Statistische Software und statistische Programmierung

From 12 ECTS points 4 points
6-11 ECTS points 2 points
Less than 6 ECTS points 0 points

e.g. software courses, internships, work experience

A list of relevant lectures is provided for guidance.

Grade of the best 150 ECTS

1,0 - 1,5 5 points
1,51 - 2,5 3 points
2,51 - 3,0 1 point
worse than 3,0 0 ponts



18-20 Direct admission
10-17 Selection interview
0-9 No suitability


Selection interview

  • In the interview (25 minutes), knowledge in the three thematic fields will be tested.
  • A literature list or list of topics is provided for preparation.
  • Usually one university lecturer and one staff member as examiners.
  • Decision is made directly after the selection interview.
  • Interview dates are approximately mid-September or mid-March.


Enrollment in the Master's programs at the Institute of Statistics is only possible if you are directly admitted or pass the selection interview.
General information on enrollment